Established in 2000

Since its establishment in 2000, visvim has been on a continuous search for a universal sense of beauty and making products with a true and lasting value.

Each seasonal collection presents footwear, apparel and accessories designs inspired by genuine artisanship from around the world; a reinterpretation of skills inherited and taught by hand and the heart, passed from one generation to another. visvim intends for its products which take significant time and care to be made, to reach people who develop an appreciation and sentimentality for a beauty that is enjoyed and enhanced over a long time.


Established in 2013

WMV, women's collection line created with the techniques and concepts cultivated by visvim, is an introduction and suggestion of a new sense of value and lifestyle. The goal is to create feminine silhouettes that are long-lasting, designed from the inside rather than simply focus on outwardly appearance; WMV products are created with the sincerest ambition and regard to timeless manufacturing. In the same key as visvim, resonating with one's heart is at the core of WMV collections, with the natural worn-aging of products adding to its attractiveness and charm.

Indigo Camping Trailer

Established in 2013

20th Century manufacturing focused on mass production of uniform things and opened the door to a new era. Launched in 2013, an extension of visvim conceptually, F.I.L. Indigo Camping Trailer was initially a project of trial and error; against the mass produced goods already deeply rooted in our world today, how would products be created that possessed the warmth and character found in handcrafted goods? Is there a way to recreate such product with the assistance of modern production techniques?

Products were developed intentionally that could not be 100% controlled: by using natural elements including pure Japanese indigo and traditional mud dyeing techniques from Amami Oshima; incorporating vintage textiles and hand sewn and stitching detail presented a unique charm, and inner beauty that presented new possibilities for the concept of clothing and footwear. F.I.L. Indigo Camping Trailer the store also acts as an experimental playground where one can experience product with a warmth as well as sense the personality of the brand.


Established in 2018

Traditionally menswear's influence is rooted in military, work, and outdoor utility wear. These are garments that were created with a specific purpose in mind; for battle, for specialty tasks, for survival in harsh conditions. What if this purpose was reinterpreted within oneself? The concept of Contrary Dept is reinterpreted and reconstructed utility wear. Dismantling things once and freely reconstructing with a sense of what is consider important. What would practical and useful look like in this era?

litle cloud coffee

Established in 2014

Little Cloud Coffee lives as an annex within visvim store in Omotesando, built around the concept of a café to be enjoyed everyday. Visvim Original Roast Coffee is developed starting from the careful selection of beans, degree of roast, and choice blending. Drip coffee, espresso, and seasonal beverages and refreshments are offered on the menu.


Established in 2019

Subsequence is a publication by Cubism Inc., head company of visvim. The tag line is, Arts & Crafts for the Age of Eclectic. Coverage focuses on a wide range of topics related to culture and craft from all over the world not restricted by borders of generation, gender, race, or nationality. An experimental project that invites participation on the editorial and production from contributors locally and abroad.


Please visit the "Stockist" page for working hours and the addresses of each store.


Opened in 2014

"visvim" in Omotesando is the brand's flagship store. visvim and WMV collections are available here along with a variety of store exclusives. The Little Cloud Coffee annex within the store, offers coffee and snacks on the menu, serving beans from visvim Original Roast Coffee.


Opened in 2005

F.I.L. Tokyo opened in the Omotesando district in 2005, marking the first of seven domestic store locations within Japan currently operating. A select number of locations offer WMV collections, as well as F.I.L. and store specific exclusive products.

Indigo Camping Trailer

Opened in 2013

Opened in 2013 as the only flagship location for F.I.L. Indigo Camping Trailer.


Opened in 2018

Opened in 2018 in Downtown Los Angeles as the North American flagship store. visvim, WMV, F.I.L. Indigo Camping Trailer collections as well as a store exclusive brand Contrary Dept are on offer at the largest of all store locations in the world. Additional brand exclusives are also offered at this location.


Opened in 2017

WMV VISVIM's first location opened in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2017, followed by stores in Nakameguro in Tokyo. Acting as the WMV brand's flagship store, both WMV and visvim collections are offered along with a selection of antiques and traditional craft.


Opened in 2019

Opened in 2019 as part of the re-opening of the new Shibuya Parco complex. visvim collections along with store exclusives are on offer here.